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Southern California Stalking Defense Attorney

Thanks to a series of high-profile celebrity stalking cases, California has some of the toughest, most comprehensive stalking laws in the country. Under California law, following, harassing, and/or threatening an individual until it causes them to fear for their own safety (or the safety of their family) is considered stalking. These activities can be done in person, over the phone, or on the internet. Over half of all stalking cases involve people who already know each other, and sometimes false stalking allegations are brought up as a means of trying to hurt a former spouse, dating partner, or colleague. As your southern California stalking defense lawyer, Torrence L Howell can help you defend yourself against accusations of stalking.

Consequences of a Stalking Conviction

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The consequences of a stalking conviction can include probation and/or up to a year in jail for a misdemeanor, or 16 months to five years in state prison for a felony. If the victim was assaulted or injured as part of the stalking, additional jail time may apply. The convicted stalker will also be barred from contact with the victim using a court-issued restraining order. Completion of counseling may also be required. Whether stalking charges are treated as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the details of the case. Some factors than can result in an automatic felony charge include violation of a court-issued restraining order or having a prior stalking conviction.

Possible Legal Defenses for Stalking Charges

A criminal defense lawyer typically begins by assuming the stalking charges are false and investigating accordingly. Sadly, people often make false accusations of stalking in an effort to get the upper hand in a custody battle or other domestic dispute, so the lawyer will definitely consider this possibility. Another highly successful strategy for a stalking defense attorney to use is to argue that the threats allegedly made during the stalking were not credible or fall under the protection of free speech.

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