Contract Law

Contracts are important documents that help businesses run smoothly and allow one business to interact well with another.  When a contract dispute arises, there are complexities in the legal handling of contracts that make it wise for a business to obtain legal counsel.  If you are involved in a contract dispute I have the experience necessary to help you find strategies that can be followed to avoid expensive problems.  I work hard to help the two parties come to an amicable settlement, but I also have the courtroom experience you can rely on if the issue goes to trial.

Contract Disputes

I have represented clients in Southern California for the past 13 years and have dealt with a wide variety of business disputes.  I meet with the clients to understand the dispute’s nature and go over the contract carefully so that I can advise my clients on the best course of action.  I understand that you are concerned about how quickly a contract dispute can be resolved and the costs of litigation.  I work to resolve the issue through such things as negotiation and mediation.  However, if the dispute goes to trial I will aggressively represent your interests.

Breach of Contract

When a contract dispute becomes a case of breach of contract, you want a lawyer who understands business and your rights and will fight for them in court.  Whether you are bringing the litigation against a company who has breached their contract or you are being wrongly accused of breaching a contract I can help you understand your legal rights and will provide you the counsel you need based on the actual circumstances.  With my MBA background to balance out my contract law experience, I have an in-depth knowledge of businesses and how they run as well as the legalities involved with contracts.

If you are involved in a contract dispute, call the Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell today to arrange for a consultation to go over your options.