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Southern California Sexual Assault Defense AttorneySexual assault is a general term covering a variety of crimes involving non-consensual sexual contact. Rape is the most well known type of sexual assault. Under California law, rape occurs any time non-consensual sex occurs and may involve the use of force and/or the threat of immediate or future bodily injury or some other form of retaliation. Even if no force was used, the victim may be considered unable to consent because of intoxication from alcohol or drugs, a mental or physical disability, or due to the fact that they are underage. Sexual assault can also include forcibly touching an intimate part of another person without their consent for the purposes of sexual arousal or gratification. If you’ve been accused of any type of sexual assault, you need to call a Southern California sexual assault defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Consequences of a Sexual Assault Conviction

Contact UsThe punishment for a sexual assault conviction will depend on the nature of the crime, including what level of violence and/or weapons were used and how much harm was inflicted. Convictions can result in anywhere from several years to several decades in state prison. If a gun was used during the sexual assault, sentencing enhancements can apply, resulting in even more prison time. Some nonviolent crimes, such as statutory rape between a minor and an adult no more than 3 years older than the minor, can be prosecuted as misdemeanors and therefore receive much lighter sentences of up to one year in jail. Most sexual assault convictions will also result in a requirement to register on a sex offender list. Registry on the list is required for certain sex crimes, and can be mandated by a judge for others.

Possible Legal Defenses Sexual Assault Charges

One of the key strategies that a criminal defense lawyer uses in a sexual assault case is to argue that the contact or sexual intercourse was actually consensual. After all, if there was consent, no crime was committed. Another strategy that a sexual assault defense attorney might use is to argue that their client did not commit the crime at all—either the charges were invented by the alleged victim, or it is a case of mistaken identity and someone else actually committed the crime.

Why Choose Torrence L Howell as your Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Southern California

Because the consequences of a sexual assault conviction can have such a huge negative impact on your life, you don’t want to leave your defense to just anyone. Instead, choose Torrence L Howell as your Southern California criminal defense attorney. He will scrutinize all the evidence against you and work tirelessly to build a strong case for your defense.