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Are you involved in a criminal law case? Get expert representation from southern California defense attorney Torrence L Howell.

Criminal Law AttorneyIf you’re involved in a criminal law case, you need expert legal help from a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Southern California. Fortunately, getting this expert help is as simple as calling the Law Offices of Torrence L Howell. Torrence L Howell will be happy to provide a free consultation to discuss the details of your situation. If you choose to retain him as your attorney, he will get to work on your behalf right away to start preparing a defense to the charges against you.

Why Hire Torrence L Howell as your Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney

Torrence L Howell is an experienced attorney with over 13 years of practicing law in southern California under his belt. He has the skills, the knowledge, and the dedication needed to build a strong defense for any type of criminal law case. As a southern California criminal defense attorney who holds an MBA degree, Torrence L Howell can be of particular assistance in criminal cases involving business-related crimes like embezzlement, fraud, or forgery. However, no matter what types of charges have been raised against you, Torrence L Howell can help you present the best possible defense and fight for a favorable resolution to your case. His criminal law practice areas include:

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Need Help with Expungements?

Just because your criminal case has been resolved doesn’t mean a southern California criminal defense lawyer like Torrence L Howell can’t provide further assistance. If you were arrested but not charged, if you were charged but then the charges were dropped, or if you have been acquitted, Torrence L Howell can help you petition to seal and destroy the related arrest records so that they don’t continue to show up on background checks. If you’ve completed your sentence for certain crimes, you may be eligible to seal these records as well through the process of expungement.