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Southern California Probation & Parole Defense AttorneyProbation and parole are privileges that allow individuals to spend less time serving their sentences behind bars. Probation is usually granted instead of jail time for minor offenses, while parole is offered to individuals who have been conditionally released from prison after serving a portion of their sentence. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to allow any probation & parole violations to interfere with your ability to remain out of jail. That’s why if you’ve been accused of violations, you need to enlist the services of a southern California probation & parole defense lawyer like Torrence L Howell who can help defend you against the charges and keep you out of jail.

Types of Probation & Parole Violations

When a judge grants you probation or parole, you are required to abide by all the provisions of your probation or parole agreement or risk being sent to jail. Common agreement violations include failing to appear in court, failing to meet with your probation or parole officer at the require intervals, not taking or not passing required drug tests, and noncompliance with court-ordered fines or restitution associated with your sentence. Committing a new crime while on probation or parole is also a violation and is typically treated very seriously.

Consequences of a Probation & Parole Violation

If you violate parole or probation, the consequences will include having your parole or probation rights reinstated, revoked, or modified with new (probably stricter) terms. The decision is ultimately up to the judge, who will consider the details of your case, your criminal background, and the recommendations of the parole or probation department before determining how to proceed. If your parole or probation is revoked, you will return to jail to serve out the remainder of your sentence.

Possible Legal Defenses for Probation & Parole Violation Charges

Contact UsDisproving allegations of a probation or parole violation is more difficult than disproving allegations of other types of offenses, because violations are not tried before a jury and your guilt does not have to be determined beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge only has to be convinced that there is a preponderance of evidence against you. Therefore a criminal defense lawyer typically focuses on securing a reinstatement of your parole rather than disproving the allegations against you. This can be done by presenting evidence that there were extenuating circumstances behind your violation. Your probation & parole defense attorney can also argue that the violation was not severe enough to justify your incarceration.

Why Choose Torrence L Howell as your Probation & Parole Defense Lawyer in Southern California

Torrence L Howell is an excellent choice of southern California criminal defense attorney to handle your parole or probation violation hearing. He will leave no stone unturned in his efforts to prove that you deserve to stay out of jail.