Child Custody

As a Family Law lawyer who has served the people of Southern California for more than 13 years, I understand how challenging the child custody portion of a divorce can be.  Often, it is a pitched battle over who will receive custody and how much child support will be paid.  Even when both sides are committed to keeping the child’s well-being at the forefront, tempers can become thin and challenges can arise.  This is why it is so important to work with a lawyer who not only understands the law but who is committed to making sure that the children involved in custody disputes are truly taken care of properly and that their rights are protected.

Child Custody Issues

At the Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell you will find that I take child custody issues seriously.  I work hard to bring in any professional experts that are required for evaluations in these kinds of proceedings.  For instance, it may be necessary to bring together psychologists, day-care providers, social workers, or others who understand the child’s needs and can make a clear explanation.  These experts play a big role in providing information that will help guide the path that is chosen to protect the child’s rights as well as those of the parents.

My goal is to help you and your children deal with the difficult transition from a single household to a family divided into two households.  While the best interests of the child or children are always top priority, I understand how important it is to be fair and equitable to both of the parents.  The proper care of the child includes not only your opinion of what is best for the child, but also the law’s point of view.

Points Taken Under Consideration

  • Mental and physical health of the parents, as well as their moral fitness
  • How long the child has lived in an environment that is stable and whether that environment can be continued
  • The ability of each of the parents to provide a routine of stability for the child
  • Child’s preferences, if the court determines that the child is able to make the decision
  • The ability of each of the parents to meet the needs of the child developmentally
  • Prior situations or convictions related to domestic violence involving one or both parents
  • Other issues

If the custody case goes to trial, there are many things that will be scrutinized by the court.  In addition, there are many additional costs that are associated with a case when it goes to trial.  I work hard to help you arrive at an agreement through a settlement if possible.  This can help to minimize legal costs as well as keeping the proceeding more amicable.

You want the best legal advice you can get if you are going through a divorce and there are children who will need custody determinations.  I have the experience you are looking for to help you get the best possible outcome for your children.  Call the Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell today for a free initial consultation about any child custody issues or questions you may have.