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Southern California Expungement AttorneyIf you have a criminal record, chances are that background checks have become the bane of your existence. It seems that background checks are required for just about everything these days—from getting a new job to finding a new rental unit to acquiring various California professional licenses. If a criminal conviction shows up on your record, it can really hurt your chances of being approved for these important activities. Fortunately, certain types of criminal convictions can be erased from your public criminal record forever with the help of a southern California expungement lawyer.

Are Your Convictions Eligible for Expungement?

Contact UsNot all criminal convictions can be expunged, but if you were convicted of a crime and did not serve time in prison, you may be eligible for expungement. It doesn’t matter if the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor—as long as it was not a sex crime against a minor or other expungement-exempt crime, you can potentially get it expunged in the state of California. Before beginning the expungement process, you must successfully complete all the terms of your probation, including any requirements to pay fines or restitution. Assuming you have not committed any probation violations or any new crimes, you can then proceed to the office of a qualified expungement defense attorney to initiate the expungement process.

Juvenile Records Expungement

Usually, you do not need the help of an attorney to expunge juvenile crime records. These will automatically be expunged from the record after the completion of the sentence and when the minor comes of age, assuming they have stayed out of trouble in the intervening years.

Sealing and Destroying Arrest Records

Although employers are only supposed to consider convictions when making hiring decisions, some employers do get prejudiced by arrest records as well. A criminal defense lawyer can help you guard against this possibility by petitioning for records of any and all arrests that did not result in a conviction or plea deal to be sealed and destroyed, thus removing them from your criminal history.

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