Child Support

Not every divorce case that involves children involves child support, but often, one parent is required to pay a certain amount to the other parent as his or her contribution to the support of the child.  Because both parents must make a contribution to the child’s welfare, child support may be needed.  There are many factors that are taken into consideration when child support is determined.  At the Law Offices of Terrence L. Howell, you will find that I am well versed in this aspect of family law and understand the many different factors that must be worked through to come to an agreement.  When parents are on a rotating custody schedule, there may be no need for child support payments.  I can help you understand the complexities of this issue.

The Child’s Welfare Comes First

The most important factor is that the child or children are being kept safe and a stable environment is being maintained in the home in which the child or children live.  There is not a guide that tells you a specific amount that is required for child support payments based on a particular criteria because the circumstances are never exactly the same as with any other family.  If the child has special needs or requires special care, it is of utmost importance that those needs are addressed when working out a child support plan.

The Needs of the Parents Are Also Considered

With my years of experience in Family Law, I understand the needs of both custodial and non-custodial parents.  I want to help you reach an agreement that not only works out for both parents but that meets the needs of the child or children.  For instance, if the custodial parent requires additional monetary assistance for such things as after school programs, private tuition, or competitive sports programs, these things can be adjusted for.

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