Divorce is one of the main areas of family law and often includes many other issues.  When a marriage is legally ended, there are frequently financial issues and matters relating to property and children that must be resolved.  As a Southern California lawyer who has been practicing Family Law for more than 13 years, I have the experience you need to get you through this challenging time.

Challenges Related to Divorce

There are many different issues that are related to a divorce.  People who divorce are separating their lives from one another as well as cutting emotional ties.  Property that has been acquired during the marriage may be considered to be owned jointly and will need to be divided.  If there are children, you may find that you are dealing with child custody and child support issues.  There may be spousal support or alimony that is involved.  With all of these issues in a state of turmoil during the divorce, it is important to work with a divorce lawyer who has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the maze of issues that you will face.

Division of Property

Because emotions often run high, it is important to have a neutral person who understands how property works and how to evaluate it help you through this challenging part of the divorce.  Some property that was owned individually prior to the marriage may be exempt or untouchable, while property that you jointly purchased or received while married will need to be divided.  It is important to remember that a fair division is not necessarily half for each person.  There are many factors that must be taken into account to reach an equitable division of property.

Division of Business Property

When the property includes a business, dividing it because of a divorce is even more complicated.  The business must be valued and hard assets as well as goodwill must be assessed.  Cash flow must be determined as well as profit and loss.  Because of my unique business background, I have helped families going through divorce successfully wade through the challenges that divorce brings to property division.  Whether you are the small business owner or the spouse of a business owner, you have needs in relation to the business.  I have frequently represented individuals on both sides of this issue and can help you with your divorce settlement.

Child Custody and Support

The most emotional part of a divorce is often related to what happens to the children.  There are questions about which parent they will live with and how much child support will go toward their care.  There are many hard decisions that must be made during the divorce proceedings, and I am here to help you through them all.  My focus is on the well-being of the children, and the goal is to come up with a settlement that both spouses can agree on without the necessity of going to court over the issue.  I have extensive experience representing families involved in divorce proceedings and I can help you through this difficult time in your life.

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