Once a divorce is final, the terms of the divorce must be abided by.  However, when certain circumstances change, there may need to be some modifications made to some of the provisions.  The three areas where modifications most frequently occur are with alimony, child support, and child custody.  If you find that either your circumstances or those of your ex-spouse have changed significantly, I can help you to determine whether any of these modifications are possible.  At the Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell you will find that we care about you and want to help you in every way.

Alimony Modifications

When alimony has been set, it is based at least in part on the financial circumstances of both spouses.  When there is a major change, such as a job loss or a large income increase because of a promotion, there may be a need for alimony modification.  Whether you are the spouse paying alimony or the one receiving it, when things change in a big way, you need help to work through an alimony modification.  I have the experience you need to help you handle any alimony issues that may arise.

Child Support Modifications

As a child grows, his needs often change, and the financial support should be borne by both of the parents.  While there is a definite monetary amount assigned to child support, the main focus is the safety and well being of your child.  As major changes occur, modifications may be in order.  If the spouse paying child support has a dramatic drop in income, the amount payable in child support may be unrealistic.  If that spouse’s income dramatically increases, the spouse receiving the payments is within his or her rights to request an adjustment as well.  I have the experience you need in child support modifications to help you go through the process.  The appropriate paperwork must be filed and the court must be petitioned to review the situation.  Whether the financial situation of either spouse has changed or the needs of the child have changed, I can help you go through the process.

Child Custody Modifications

The welfare of the children is of utmost importance, particularly when a divorce has occurred.  Their needs were taken into the highest consideration when the child custody arrangement was made.  However, because of changing circumstances there may be a need to modify the custody agreement.  For instance, if the home where the child is spending most of their time has become abusive or unstable, it is imperative that the child custody agreement be reviewed.  When circumstances change that result in a drop in the stability or routine in a child’s life, it could be a reason for child custody modifications.  If you feel that there may be a problem with your child’s welfare, you should not hesitate to contact me to discuss the options that are open to you.

I have more than 13 years of experience working in Family Law and I understand the process that must be followed in order to get child custody modifications.  Call the Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell today to schedule a consultation to discuss the modification of your child custody arrangements.