70% Increase in Sexual Allegations Against Teachers in 2014

70% Increase in Sexual Allegations Against Teachers in 2014

70% Increase in Sexual Allegations Against Teachers in 2014Sexual abuse allegations have doubled in less than a decade in California, according to a recent article by the Daily Bulletin. Accusations are increasing throughout the nation, but in this state, the problem seems to be continually getting worse.

It’s possible that there actually hasn’t been an increase in crime, but instead, there’s been an increase in reporting. American culture is experiencing a shift where reporting sexual crime is less stigmatized, especially as anonymous reporting online becomes easier. Teens frequently realize that sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior shouldn’t be kept secret, so they’re reporting it to parents, school administrators, and the police.

328 investigations have been opened by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing into new applicants and existing credentialed teachers for sexual crimes allegedly committed against children last year, which is more than double the amount of the 2008-2009 school year, according to a commission report.

The media and the public in general have been paying attention to sexual crime cases more intensely than ever before. Victor Rodriguez, head of the D.A.’s sex crimes division, said that it’s possible that increased attention could lead to more accusations, even if more crimes aren’t occurring.

Terry Abbott, a former US Department of Education chief of staff and CEO of DriveWest communications, said that the more widespread access to technology and the changes in school culture may explain the increase in allegations.

Now that just about everyone has access to cell phones and texting is the preferred mode of communication for many teens, it makes private chats between teachers and students that much more common. Secret chats can quickly become inappropriate when no one is around to overhear.

School culture in some areas often condones sexual behavior between older teens and teachers. Abbott recommends having harsh punishments enforced on teachers who cross the line and strict rules on outside, personal communication with students.

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