Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?

Most dependable criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cucamonga

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?Attorney Howell has defended clients who have been charged with crimes in Rancho Cucamonga for over 29 years. No matter what charge you’re facing, he’ll know exactly what to do to achieve the ideal result.

If you decide to hire Attorney Howell to defend you throughout your case, you can rest assured that he’ll tenaciously defend you against overzealous prosecutors in Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas. He’ll present the facts of your case in a way that prevents a conviction – or at the very least, prevents harsh sentence terms from being imposed.

A criminal defense attorney with integrity in Rancho Cucamonga

As soon as you begin discussing your case with Attorney Howell, you’ll realize that he isn’t “just any” criminal defense attorney. He’s Rancho Cucamonga’s finest criminal defense attorney because he has a strong moral compass. He has a strong commitment to honesty and integrity, so judges and prosecutors throughout Rancho Cucamonga highly respect him.

Having Attorney Howell represent you in your criminal case can mean the difference between an exorbitant fine and a more reasonable one, or many years of jail time versus a few months. He’s persuasive when it comes to dealing with prosecutors and judges because of his uncompromising stance about always doing the right thing. Doesn’t that sound like someone you should have in your court during a criminal case?

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If you’re a prospective Rancho Cucamonga client, schedule your first consultation with Attorney Howell today by calling his office at 909-920-0908 or emailing Your first appointment is absolutely complimentary and risk-free.

At this meeting, Attorney Howell will thoroughly review the details of your case and offer you personalized legal advice that you can use immediately. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have and receive straightforward answers from Rancho Cucamonga’s best criminal defense attorney. You can trust Attorney Howell to discuss your case with you in a direct, though compassionate manner. He won’t sugarcoat anything or give you false hope—you can trust Attorney Howell to give you a real, honest evaluation of your case and a reasonable prediction of its outcome. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 909-920-0908 or emailing