How to Avoid becoming a Victim of California’s “use a gun and you’re done” Law

How to Avoid becoming a Victim of California’s “use a gun and you’re done” Law

How to Avoid becoming a Victim of California’s “use a gun and you’re done” LawCalifornia has some of the toughest laws in the nation that govern gun ownership and use. These laws are complex and incredibly confusing. There are many different laws that explain what kinds of guns are legal to possess, and how, where, and by whom any legal weapons may be carried.

Here are a few examples of California gun-related laws:

How: Anyone who doesn’t have a concealed carry permit may not transport a gun unless it’s inside a locked container.

Where: No unauthorized person may bring a gun within 1,000 feet of a school.

By Whom: A convicted felon may never possess or carry a gun.

Gun charges

Violations of California’s complex gun laws may result in a criminal charge being filed against you. If you commit another crime while possessing or carrying a gun, your sentence will likely even more severe than usual if you are convicted.

Common Gun-related Criminal Charges

There are so many potential gun-related criminal charges, but here’s a small sampling of some of the most common ones here in Southern California:

  • Selling a gun without a license
  • Possessing an illegal firearm
  • Carrying a legal firearm illegally
  • Using a gun in conjunction with another felony

This last bullet point is a key one because it’s related to California’s “use a gun and you’re done” law. This law specifically allows judges to sentence offenders to 10 years in prison simply for using a gun, 20 for firing it, and 25 to life for the serious harm committed with the gun (murder or any other felony).

Potential gun charge defenses

Depending on the circumstances of each individual case, your defense attorney may be able to employ strategies to prevent a conviction of the gun charge. In the case of an illegal possession charge, he may be able prove that you had the right to possess the firearm. Or perhaps the weapon didn’t actually belong to the defendant and was placed in their possession without their knowledge. Another possibility is that your defense attorney will argue that the police made a mistake or otherwise violated the defendant’s rights when searching for or seizing the gun.

Get a defense attorney who specializes in gun charge defense

The best choice for a gun charge defense attorney in Southern California is Attorney Torrence L. Howell. The stakes are incredibly high when it comes to a gun charge in California because the laws are so harsh, so make sure you choose your defense attorney wisely. Any prospective clients who may be facing a gun charge in the near future is welcome to schedule a free initial consultation with Attorney Howell now by calling 909-920-0908 or emailing