There Are Options When You’re Charged With Stalking in California

There Are Options When You’re Charged With Stalking in California

There Are Options When You’re Charged With Stalking in California Due to high-profile cases in which celebrities were stalked, California today has the toughest stalking laws in the country. According to California law, harassing, following, or threatening someone to the point that they are fearful for their safety or the safety of their family is classified as stalking.

These activities don’t have to take place in person. Stalking laws also apply to phone harassment and internet stalking. The majority of stalking cases occur between people who know each other. Unfortunately, false stalking claims are sometimes made. In some cases it’s a former dating partner, in others it’s a former spouse, and sometimes it’s a colleague. When you work with Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell, you’ll be working with an attorney who will fight tirelessly to defend you against the charges against you.

The consequences of a stalking conviction can be significant

A person who’s convicted of misdemeanor stalking could be looking at probation and up to a year in jail, while a person convicted of felony stalking could spend as much as five years in state prison. If the person being stalked was injured while they were being stalked, then more jail time may be in play. The person who’s convicted of stalking will be under a court-issued restraining order and may be required to complete counseling.

The difference between a misdemeanor or felony charge depends on several factors, including whether or not the person convicted was violating a restraining order and whether or not they have a prior conviction for stalking.

There are legal defenses for stalking

Generally speaking, at Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell we begin your case by assuming that the charges are false. We move forward with our case accordingly. The truth is that people make false accusations and say someone is stalking them for a number of reasons, whether they’re trying to get the upper hand during a custody battle or they’re trying to win points in a domestic dispute.

We will consider that possibility. Another strategy is to argue that the threats made weren’t credible or that they were protected under your constitutional right to free speech. In some cases, the best strategy is to get the best possible plea bargain. We are excellent negotiators and will fight to ensure you the optimal outcome.

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When you work with Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell, you’re working with a firm that has extensive experience defending clients who’ve been charged with stalking. We know where to begin and we know what evidence to compile to ensure you have the best possible defense. Read Attorney Howell’s attorney profile to learn more about his background and then contact us for your free initial consultation. No one wants to be charged with a crime but the best thing to do is to move forward by hiring a lawyer you believe in.