If You’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime in California You Do Have Options

If You’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime in California You Do Have Options

If You’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime in California You Do Have OptionsBeing charged with a crime of any magnitude can feel devastating. Many people assume if they’re arrested that the best thing to do is to strike a plea deal. In fact, many police and prosecutors make it clear that this is their best bet. The truth is that the right move is always to contact a California defense attorney. At Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell we have the experience to help you through this process and work toward the best possible outcome.

The possible consequences of a drug conviction

Any consequence for any crime can be serious. At Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell we’ve worked with a wide range of cases and can help to reduce the consequences or have the charges dropped altogether. When you call us for your free consultation, we’ll discuss the possible consequences of your specific charge.

However, here are a few examples. A person who’s charged with possessing less than an ounce of marijuana cannot be fined more than $100 and there is no jail time. Possession of other controlled substances can lead to prison terms as long as three years. In many cases, we can work toward getting you into a Prop 36 or PC 1000 drug diversion program and help you avoid prison time altogether.

Keep in mind that the worst consequences are applicable to those who’ve been convicted of manufacturing drugs. In the state of California, if you’re convicted of cooking meth or turning marijuana into hashish, you could be facing as long as seven years in prison. Prosecutors will also often add additional charges for related crimes to extend the sentence even longer.

You do have defense options

The good news is that none of these sentences are set in stone and they all require you to be convicted. With the right drug charges defense lawyer, you may have many other options. The right strategy for your particular case will be largely dependent on the type of drugs involved and the severity of what you’ve been charged with. In some cases, we can get a misdemeanor marijuana possession settled with an informal diversion so it won’t even show up on your record.

In the event of more serious charges, we’ll look closely at the evidence for any mistakes made during your arrest. For example, if there were any rules violated during the search and seizure process, then the resulting drugs found on you or your property will not be admission in court.

If you’ve been arrested or have been questioned about drug possession or manufacturing then your next call needs to be to Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at 909-920-0908. We will carefully assess your case and provide expert legal advice on your case. Together we’ll come up with the best way to proceed that involves the best case scenario for you.