Juvenile Crimes and Convictions Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Juvenile Crimes and Convictions Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Boy (8-9) crawling into bushes in dark yard at night, side view, low sectionIf your child has been charged with any type of juvenile crime in the state of California then you need a juvenile crime defense lawyer. Being accused, arrested, and tried is hard for anyone but this is even truer for a child. As a parent, you can go through emotional turmoil yourself. The best way to combat this is to ensure you have qualified legal help on your side.

There are two main types of juvenile crime

When it comes to California juvenile crimes, there are two main categories: Status offenses and delinquency crimes. A status offense is any crime a juvenile is charged with that wouldn’t have been a crime if they hadn’t been a juvenile while they were arrested or it. For example, drinking underage, truancy, and curfew violations are all examples.

The second main category is delinquency offenses. These are offenses that are crimes regardless of how old the accused is. Generally speaking, whether a child is charged with a status offense or a delinquency crime, their case will be heard by a judge rather than a jury. There are exceptions, namely those that involve the child being charged as an adult.

Potential consequences for a juvenile crime conviction

There are many types and severities of sentences that can be handed down to a juvenile convicted of a crime. These include serving information probation, performing community service, paying a fine, or going to juvenile hall or prison. The fact that they’ll have a criminal record is less of a concern than it is for an adult because most juvenile crimes are expunged.

Defense options for juvenile crimes

Of course, the best way to respond to and defend a child against a juvenile crime is to first consider the case and then find a personalized defense plan. In most cases, your attorney will begin by working to establish that there’s a reasonable doubt about the guilt of your child so that your child won’t be found guilty. We may also work to show that your child did commit the offense but that they didn’t do so under their own free wheel. In the event your child is charged with something like truancy or curfew violations, we may work to show that there were extenuating circumstances.

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Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for many years. He’s seen kids act out as a result to family situations, he’s seen kids make honest mistakes, and he’s seen kids bow down to peer pressure. The goal is twofold: To find the best possible outcome for your child and to get through this process as efficiently as possible so that your child can move on with their life.

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