California’s Gun Laws Are Strict, Confusing, and Difficult to Navigate: Let Us Help You

California’s Gun Laws Are Strict, Confusing, and Difficult to Navigate: Let Us Help You

Handgun and ConstitutionCalifornia has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. There are laws about how you can buy guns, how you can sell guns, what guns and accessories you can own, and where you can take your guns. There are also laws about other weapons, such as knives and tasers. Violating these rules can lead to prison time, yet the laws are often confusing. If you’ve been charged with any gun crime then we recommend you contact Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at 909-920-0908 to speak to an experienced criminal law attorney.

The potential consequences of a conviction for a gun or weapons charge

There are many gun and weapons charges and as a result, there are many levels of punishment. Some of the most commonly charged gun crimes include:

  • Selling a gun without a license
  • Illegally discharging a weapon from a vehicle
  • Possessing an illegal firearm
  • Illegally selling a firearm
  • Concealed carry without a permit

The consequences for your actions will vary based on the nature of the crime you committed, what type of weapon you used, whether or not you have a criminal history, and the judge’s discretion. If you used a gun while committing another crime, such as committing a burglary, then you will qualify for the “use a gun and you’re done” law. This means that the judge can sentence you ten years for using a gun, twenty years if you fired it, and 25 – life if serious harm came as a result of your gun.

Potential legal defenses to gun and weapons charges

The fact that there are so many different gun and weapons charges means that there are also many potential defense options. The right way to defend your case will depend on what you’re charged with. For example, if you’re charged with illegally possessing a firearm then it could be as easy as showing that you actually did have a right to own the weapon.

The best defense may also involve arguing that the weapon didn’t belong to you and someone else put it in your possession without you knowing about. We could also work to have the weapon thrown out if the police didn’t follow the appropriate and legal requirements when they found it.

Finally, if there is a wealth of evidence against you then the best way forward may be to find the best possible plea deal. If this is true of your case, then you can count on us to negotiate aggressively on your behalf. We may be able to have a felony reduced to a misdemeanor, a charge reduced to an infraction, or the sentenced reduced.

Get legal help today

If you’re facing a weapons charge or have reason to believe that you may in the near future then we recommend you contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Reach out to Law Offices of Torrence L. Howell at 909-920-0908 and we can help you find the best defense options.